Frequently Asked Questions

How should I clean and care for these scarves? 

Chenille: Dry clean
Bamboo: Hand wash and line dry, or dry clean
Merino wool: Hand wash, line dry, warm iron; or dry clean


Can I hand-wash chenille?

Some customers have told me they do this. I have had poor luck hand-washing chenille after the initial time when it is just off the loom. I do not recommend it. Dry cleaning is best.


Do men wear your scarves?

Yes! 30–40% of my sales are bought by or for men.


Do you accept custom orders?

On rare occasions I do.


Can you make a scarf without fringe?

The fringe threads are also the warp threads, which means they go through the length of the scarf. I have tried hemming and also binding with ribbon to eliminate the fringe. This makes the scarf drape in a peculiar way. So no, I do not make fringeless scarves.


Do you buy your fabric?

No. I weave all of the fabric myself by hand from yarn.